Doug McGrew







"How To Be A Working Drummer"   provides insight and tips that only a
successful drummer like Doug McGrew can deliver.

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Doug's Instructional Video:

"How To Be A Working Drummer"

Welcome, my name is Doug McGrew: Introduction

Volume, fitting in with the band: Advice

The band & credits song: Credits

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  How to be a working drummer" is a great tool for anyone who wants to be a pro or get more gigs. Doug's advice on technique, marketing and musicality are right on the money, and his playing is top notch.  Michael Manring

 Doug is to be congratulated for presenting very helpful tips to aspiring drummers in a no nonsense well laid out and useful format.  Michael Powers 

Bass and Vocals - Albritton McClain
Guitar - Dan McInerney
Sax - Scotty Harris

Produced by William Maxwell and Doug McGrew

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